Bull Dolphin Vinyl Decal

Bull Dolphin Vinyl Decal
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Bull Dolphin Vinyl Decal

· Vinyl Decal
· Ocean Slayer Bull Dolphin Decal
· Easy to Apply
· size 6" x 6"
· Decal is white
· Die-cut design

Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

1. Decide on where you would like your decal.

2. Clean the surface you wish to apply your decal to with soap and water. Do not use an ammonia based substance. The adhesive will not adhere as well if ammonia is used.

3. Slowly peel away backing, (the thicker white sheet) to expose the sticky side of the vinyl.

4. One small section at a time, carefully begin to apply the vinyl, pressing the vinyl to the surface. Begin working your way around the design using your finger or the smooth edge of a squeegee.

5. Once the vinyl is entirely applied, peel away the pre-mask (the clearer sheet) from the vinyl at a sharp angle to reveal just the design/vinyl of the decal.

6. Work out any air bubbles using a squeegee.

7. To ensure your vinyl decal has a longer lifetime, do not wash for at least 3 days.

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